Hambantota City

When you proceed from Tangalle about 52 km eastwards, you come across the Hambantota city which is 241 km south of Colombo. Home to a number of tourist attractions, Hambantota saw much development in recent years; Sri Lanka's largest construction projects viz. Mattala International Airport and Magampura Port were carried out in Hambantota. Infrastructure facilities in the area have also been developed significantly. Under the Greater Hambantota Development Project, the city is being developed into one of Sri Lanka's five future 'metro cities' that are located in areas strategically selected for their potential high population concentration. The city now boasts an international airport, an international seaport, an international stadium, star-class tourist hotels, modern shopping complexes, and much more.

When it comes to climate, Hambantota has a tropical wet and dry climate over the year with fewer rains from January to March and from June to August. During October and November, it experiences heavy rains. The average temperature lies between 25oC and 30oC throughout the year.

Bundala National Park

Located about 15 km east of the Hambantota city, Bundala National Park is known for avifauna most of which are migratory waders consisting of 197 species. Greater Flamingo, Pintail, Gargeny, Shoveller, Little Stint and Ruddy Turnstone are some of the birdlife that can be watched at this Ramsar status park. (More details appear under 'National Parks' and also under 'Bird Sanctuaries')

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is located about 24 km east of the Tangalle town. Replete with reed beds, water bodies, grass fields, marches etc., the sanctuary is home to a variety of birds both resident and migratory. It is also rich in marine. Glossy Ibis, Painted Snipe, Large Sand Plover and many more birdlife can be spotted in this sanctuary.

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