When it comes to wildlife tourism and ecotourism, safaris are most heard. Safaris are excursions to observe and photograph wildlife or for sightseeing. It is essentially a form of ecotourism in which the public can become educated on the ecosystems and animal kingdoms of indigenous regions

Although there are many types of safaris in the world, Sri Lanka is most known for elephant back safaris.

Exploring wildlife riding on an elephant’s back would be an unrivalled experience for you. It not only lets you view wildlife from the back of an elephant, but more significantly, provides the unique opportunity to share a day, picnicking with them in the bush, grooming, feeding or swimming with them, or experiencing the pleasure of being close to such magnificent animal; the encounter is truly memorable. Elephant safari in Sri Lanka is an experience by itself. In Sri Lanka, a fair number of places organize elephant safaris. Minneriya, Kaudulla, Udawalawe and Yala national parks are popular for elephant back safaris.