Sri Lanka Known For

Since ancient times Sri Lanka has been known for its stunning natural beauty and a plenty of things such as tea, gems, spices, beaches, heritage, blue whales and dolphins. Catch a glimpse of what Sri Lanka is known for and know about the amazing paradise in the tropics - SRI LANKA.

Friendlier People

With a genuine smile on the face Sri Lanken People are known to be friendlier and the most hospitable in the world.


the world's purest and finest tea is produced by Sri Lanka which is the world's 4th largest producer and the 2nd largest exporter of tea. World-renowned as "Ceylon Tea", the Sri Lanken tea is of distinctive taste, attractive aroma and untouchable quality. this because the country's tropical climate and fertile soil are healthier for quality tea production.


Known as the "Island of Gems" since ancient times, Sri Lanka's gem industry has a history over 2000 years. The world's rarest gemstones are found in this wonderfull island which is most famous for its blue sapphires. Sri Lanken blue sapphires are world-renowned and are highly priced because of its pleasing tone of colour, flawlessnes, very high transparency, clarity etc.


a big cricket playing nation in the world, was the World Cup Champions in 1996 and has been cup runners-up for several times. Sri Lanka has produced cricket giants in the world such as batsmen Sanath Jayasoriya,spinner Muttaiah Muralitharan.


Sri Lanakn garments are world-renowned because of its quality. Sri Lanka's garments industry now turned to be a fashion industry is a more reliable supplier of quality garments to the world's top brands and now Sri Lankais regarded as a producer of "garments with no guilt."

Food & beverages

Sri Lanka is famous for her finest spicy and tasty foods and delicious beverages. Sri Lanka's savoury dishes, prepared with its world-renowned home-grown spices such as cinnamon, cloves cardmom,nutmag,black pepper etc.,have a high value health value.

golden Beaches

Sri Lanka is a resplendent island bless with more then thousand kilometres of stunning golden beaches the attract tens of thousand of tourist around the world annually. the tropical palm-fringed beaches make Sri Lanka a heavenly for holiday-makers.


A country with a great history, Sri Lanka has a splendid heritage which has mostly been influenced by Buddhism. Inscribed by the UNESCO, Sri Lanka has eight world heritage sites such as Sri Dalada Maligawa, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura.


Nearly three decades long bloody war between the terrorist and the Sri Lanken government cane to end in 2009 dawning long-awaiting peace to the war-torn island which is now regarded as one of the most peaceful countries as well as one of the safest tourist destinations in the world.

Ayurvedic treatments

Develpoed voer 300 years Sri Lanka's system of Ayurveda is an indigenous form of tradition medicine influenced by Hindu Ayurveda. the world famous Sri Lanka's Ayurvedic treatments heal and rejuvenate body and mind leading to a healthier and longer life. Ayurveda with meditation and yoga leads not only to bodily and mental wellness but spiritual wellness as well.

World's biggest mammals

Both world's largest marine and land mammals can be sighted in a few hours in Sri Lanka . Blue Whales are mostly seen in the country's eastern and southern seas and elephants can also be seen in the eastern and southern low lands in addition to other areas of the country.


Indigenous tor Sri Lanka,Ceylon cinnamon or true cinnamon is the most famous in the world because of its distinctive quality and aroma. Sri Lanka accounts for over 90%of the world market of true cinnamon.Sri Lanka's other spices such as cloves,cardamom, black pepper,nutmeg etc also have a big demand in the international markets. this owing to no other reason but its quality.Sri Lanka is a tropical country close to the equator with fertile and diverse soil type, varying micro climates and the favourable temperature most crops grown in this island.