Tangalle City

Tangalle is a fine beach destination loved by many tourists around the world. Located 195 km south of Colombo and 35 km east of Matra, Tangalle is essentially a paradise for swimmers, divers and those who are very much into tropical beaches. It has a natural palm-fringed sea bay and a fishing harbour offering great seafood. The long sandy beaches and the coral reef are the best attractions. Tangalle, Goyambokka, Medaketiya, Marakolliya and Rekawa beaches are the most attracted beaches in Tangalle. Kalametiya bird sanctuary and Mulkirigal rock temple are also fine attractions lying close to Tangalle. This beautiful destination together with nearby tourist hotels and resorts would make your holiday undoubtedly a wonderful one.


Rekawa is essentially an eco-friendly destination with a long sandy beach and a mangrove-skirted lagoon. The Rekawa beach is popular for sea turtles watching. It is inhabited by five species of the seven species of sea turtles and the green turtle can mostly be spotted. The lagoon together with the area around is rich in biodiversity; it holds mangrove forests, vegetations and a wide variety of wildlife and birdlife.

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is located about 24 km east of the Tangalle town. Replete with reed beds, water bodies, grass fields, marches etc., the sanctuary is home to a variety of birds both resident and migratory. It is also rich in marine. Glossy Ibis, Painted Snipe, Large Sand Plover and many more birdlife can be spotted in this sanctuary.

Mulkirigala Rock Temple

When you travel about 16 km on the Tangalle-Beliatta Road, you could find this ancient rock temple perched on a 200-metre-high boulder. The temple that dates back almost 2000 years holds a large recumbent Buddha image, ancient paintings, devales, a dagoba built atop the rock, cave temples and many more Buddha statues. One of the caves houses an ancient library where a number of Ola-leaf manuscripts are found.

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