Wasgamuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa, another national park in the island plentiful of large herds of elephants, offers ample chances to view Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Sambhur, Deer, Wild Buffalo, Purple-Faced Leaf Monkey and the nocturnal Slender Loris among other exotic species. Those who are interested in ecotourism can ask for camp sites within the park. Wasgamuwa has the highest biodiversity among the protected areas in Sri Lanka. More than 150 floral species have been recorded from the park. 8 being endemic species. The park is inhabited by a herd of 150 Sri Lankan Elephants and endemic Red-faced Malkoha is a resident bird in this national park. Sri Lanka Jungle fowl is another endemic bird that inhabits the park. There are 17 reptile species recorded in the park out of which 5 species are endemic water monitors, and mugger crocodiles are common in the water bodies of the park.

Wasgamuwa National Park is home to 23 species of mammals. Marsh elephant (ElephasmaximusVil-Aliya) roams in the Mahaweli river area. Both monkeys found in the park are Purple-faced Languor and Toque Macaque endemic to Sri Lanka. While Water Buffalo and Sri Lankan Axis Deer are common to observe, Sri Lanka Leopard and Sloth Bear are rare. Small Golden Palm Civet is another rare endemic mammal.

The number of bird species recorded from the park is 143. This includes 8 endemic species. Lesser Adjutant, Yellow-fronted Barbet and Sri Lanka Spur Fowl are the species that visit the reservoirs and streams of the national park. Peafowl, Painted Stork, Black-headed Ibis and Eurasian Spoonbill are the park’s other aquatic birds. Rare Sri Lanka Frogmouth can be found here. Another rare species, Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, is seen near the Mahaweli River.

Access Route:  Turn left at Hasalaka on the Kandy-MahiyanganaRoad and proceed via Wilgamuwa up to Wasgamuwa. Visitors from Matale and Polonnaruwa areas can reach Wasgamuwa via Laggala and Wilgamuwa.

Wasgamuwa National Park Tel: 066-366 9046

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