Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking is one of the most popular water-sports in the world. Sea Kayak or a Touring Kayak is developed to enjoy in open waters such as lakes, bays, or in the ocean. It is a small boat made with a covered deck and also has the ability to equip a spray deck to assure water does not enter in to the ‘Kayak deck’. Solo Kayak can be 3 – 5 ½ metres in length and the one that allocates 2 individuals could be as long as 8 metres. It is the best way to spend time at the sea either alone or with your travel partner enjoying the beautiful surrounding near the selected lake, bay, or sea.

In Sri Lanka, you can enjoy kayaking in Weligama, Bentota, Kalu Ganga, Belihuloya, Kalpitiya, etc.